If You Hesitate, It’s Over…

In the Bikram Yoga, the Balancing Stick Pose or Tuladandasana, blood flow is increased all over the body at once. It is a true cardiac pose, it is said like running 10 miles in 10 seconds. The yoga teacher prepares you by saying you have 10 seconds to do this pose, make up your mind and do it, and if you hesitate, it’s over. Then they clap their hands, and you go into the asana. Right foot stepping forward, knee locked, arms over head, hands clasped, index fingers released. Left leg will balance behind you, and your body will look like a “T.” This is also referred to as the heart attack pose. It gets your heart pumping very fast. Bikram says it is like having a mini heart attack for 10 seconds, better than having a real heart attack one day.

Balancing is a risk, you may fall, but it is a wonderful metaphor for life.

Many times in life, we are given one chance and only one to make decisions, changes, to make things happen. If we hesitate, mull it over too long, the opportunity may be lost, forever. Career opportunities, relationships, getting your hands on the last pair of size 6 1/2 Italian boots that are on sale. You can’t think twice, or the thing you want and hope for will be out of your reach. Someone will be faster or more daring.

If you do something, take a chance and fail, you will know at least you tried. But if you don’t take a risk and avoid doing something, all you will have is regret. And you can never get a moment back in life. Ever.

Just like in Tuladandasasa, your heart may beat faster, you may feel a bit out of your element, putting yourself on the line. If you think too much about doing things that are risky, you would find hundreds of ways to talk yourself out of them. And you would stand still, stagnant, having a very safe existence.  Safe, to me sounds really, really boring.

So get your heart pumping, by pushing yourself physically and finding ways to seize opportunities, take some risks. Don’t miss out on a better life.



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Psychotherapist, Actor, Mother, Writer,Teacher, Yogi, Optimist, Creative Soul, Dreamer, always striving to let my inner goddess shine...
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