In Pieces

A few days ago an artist friend posted on Facebook photos of a disaster that occurred in his studio. Multiple pieces of his ceramic sculpture creations were accidentally knocked off a shelf and shattered to pieces. He was devastated… all this time and creativity destroyed. Dozens of his friends responded how much this sucked for him and how sorry they were to see this happen. I waited a day to respond and posted a comment that went something like this “I am so sorry… but maybe, just maybe you can find the gift in the disaster. As an artist, don’t we create something out of nothing.. or find beauty in what most discard. I hope you find the beauty in the mess.”

Finding the beauty in the mess… now there’s a concept. Life is often messy… love is also very messy. In the film I recently saw “I Love You Philip Morris” Jim Carey’s character opens the film with the line, “Love makes you feel so good, then it can make you feel so bad.” Like my friend’s artwork.. a heart can shatter into a million pieces when a love relationship ends and it truly is difficult to find that gift than can result from it’s damage. Loving someone just like art is a risk. You open up and share a part of yourself you rarely share with the world… sometime never dare to share. The risk in love as in art is that you may be judged or rejected. It takes a thick skin to be an artist, it takes a strong heart to fall in love.

Can a heart truly repair after being shattered? What is the gift you receive from having your heart broken? Everyone you meet in life can be a teacher of some sort… even if it means learning your heart bruises easily…

So the next time something in your life is shattered… give yourself the chance to mourn the broken pieces… but then move on and find the gift.. somehow…


About alexhewett

Psychotherapist, Actor, Mother, Writer,Teacher, Yogi, Optimist, Creative Soul, Dreamer, always striving to let my inner goddess shine...
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