Two Weeks of Discovery

It was two weekends ago that I was in the ER, had my appendix removed, discovered angels do exist, in the form of my friends, and confirmed that I do not like Western medicine or pain medication. Oh, and hospital garments are in DIRE need of a Project Runway intervention.

I discovered that real friends will be by your side when you are sick… and cowards will run away.  I discovered that instead of beginning in an intense 60 day Bikram yoga challenge… I had a 10 day practice in Savasana. (Sandscrit for “corpse pose”) or stillness.

So post surgery in the past four days, I have been now running, working with weights, practiced Bikram yoga for three days in a row, and had a private class in aerial performance. With all this activity, savasana has still been on my mind. So much happens in stillness and silence.

In the world of theater, on stage the most beautiful moments are those that are silent… there is much subtext in silence. The moments of silence and stillness are when we fall in love… or when we fall out of love. Those quiet moments are when we make decisions and changes that are so very difficult, but necessary. The moments of stillness are when we breathe… take in the world… take in ourselves.

Life can be so very busy…work, children, responsibilities, friends, to do lists that never seem to be completed… Finding a way to unplug from it all is not shunning responsibility but finding a way to recharge in order to better face life and all the crap it brings.

I mentioned the aerial training. I have explored the world of flying via the trapeze. I am an addict to flight.. the risk, the beauty of feeling you can touch the sky. Perhaps in me lives a performance artist, I have been a dancer since I was five… movement is such a very integral part of my craft as an actor, finding a character’s walk, gestures, etc. My first aerial lesson involved incorporating my body with a grand metal structure bolted to the ceiling… it moves.. and you climb on it and you move it… and it moves you. It’s like making love to a sculpture. It’s a very sensual, sensorial dance… I am addicted to this art. I also worked with a trapeze-like structure.. a swing-like apparatus. My teacher encouraged me to enjoy the moments of stillness. The moments in between the movement and flight. To take them in.. to breathe… to be… to feel. And I did, it was VERY difficult not to move, not to think, but just to be. To find that space in between the thoughts and actions and dreams and hopes, and just be, and breathe. I found a sense of peace, and yet a sense of difficulty, I had to deal with myself. Who wants to deal with themselves? As a therapist, I can empathize with this thought.

As a very hyper-active person, I encourage you to engage in stillness… breathe.. listen to your heart beat… listen to your child’s heart beat. Allow yourself to enjoy moments of silence, moments with yourself.


Be happy and healthy!


About alexhewett

Psychotherapist, Actor, Mother, Writer,Teacher, Yogi, Optimist, Creative Soul, Dreamer, always striving to let my inner goddess shine...
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